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a solo show

After years of telling historical stories in museum exhibits, exhibit writer Sari Boren finds that the stories she still struggles to understand are those of her own family’s history. In this one-woman show, Sari takes us from a critique of the 9/11 Museum to a family trip in modern Berlin, and back in time to Eastern Europe in the 1940s, to examine how we wrestle with and remember our personal stories within the large canvas of historical events.

Read an article about the play in JewishBoston.


Past Performances 

Center for Holocaust, Human Rights

& Genocide Education

Lincroft, NJ

January 27, 2020

Newton Theatre Company

Newton, MA,

April 26–28, 2019

Premiere, directed by Melissa Bernstein

for Company One Theater's "The Great Escape"
co-written with Amy Merrill

Company One Theater commemorated the centennial of the 19th Amendment by inviting current and former PlayLab playwrights to collaborate on new five-minute plays confronting the issue of suffrage. My collaborator and I were given a prompt and three days to write our play (online, during the pandemic).


Our prompt: A water cooler conversation set in the year 2320 with one white character and one Latinx character. Yes, it's a science-fiction suffrage play.

You can watch the play, which begins around the 41:30 mark on this video.

Directed by Josh Glenn-Kayden and featuring Tatiana Isabel Gil and Jo Michael Rezes.

at the Somerville Theater Festival

Two strangers meet at a makeshift memorial after a public tragedy. Jasmine comes with a teddy bear, Maria with a crowbar. Each has her own belief about who belongs at the memorial.

My ten-minute play, TO REST, was performed as part of the Somerville Theater Festival. Presented by Performing Fusion Theater, at the Rockwell Theater in Davis Square, Somerville, MA, April 18–27, 2019

Company One PlayLab Unit

I was invited to join the 2019 PlayLab Unit of Boston's Company One Theater.


My cohort of six emerging playwrights participated in group workshops with playwright-in-residence Kirsten Greenidge, fostering our own work while learning how to maximize collaborative relationships in new work processes with dramaturgs, actors, and directors.

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