I teach creative nonfiction at

Grub Street in Boston, both

on-line and in-person classes. I’ll post links here when a class

is open for enrollment.

I’m also available for private consultation.


6-week class, starting March 24th


By popular demand, Ron MacLean and I are co-teaching this cross-genre class on nontraditional narrative forms, for essayists

and short story writers. 


After Ron and I presented two Muse & the Marketplace conference sessions on this

topic, and taught a one-day class, writers asked us for a multi-week version, so here it is. We're excited  to connect with our cohort of writers working in nontraditional forms.


As an essayist and playwright I’m interested in the tensions that form when stories of personal history intersect with the public interpretation of shared cultural history. In my work as a museum exhibit developer I’ve seen how museums constantly revise narratives about the past. In a similar way we constantly revise narratives about our personal lives to create the stories we need to tell ourselves now.


Over the past several years my essays have evolved from straightforward memoir-based essays in mostly traditional forms, to essays of non-traditional forms that juxtapose personal experiences with researched stories—in ways that initially may seem unrelated.


I'm also an emerging playwright and my first full-length play, the solo show EXHIBITING, premiered in April 2019 at the Newton Theatre Company. Click below for more information.