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We look forward to every opportunity to work with Sari.

She is thoughtful, creative, collaborative, and a spectacular writer. She beats every deadline, catches our mistakes, and always has her eye on the big picture for a project. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

—Aaron Goldblatt, Partner, Museum Services, Metcalfe Architecture and Design

I’m a writer, museum exhibit developer, and instructional designer who has built a career around storytelling and environments devoted to learning.

For over 20 years I’ve worked in the museum field, both on staff at The Computer Museum in Boston and as a founding partner at the exhibit design firm Wondercabinet Interpretive Design. Now working as a freelancer, I create learning environments for museums, online courses, web sites, and other environments.

As an exhibit developer, my on-the-floor museum experience and my Master's  in Education from Harvard have given me an understanding of how museums work, how visitors interact with exhibits, and how children and adults learn. I work directly for museum clients or subcontract to exhibit design and architecture firms.

I work on museum projects from soup to nuts—or any bits in between:  

  • master plans/interpretive plans

  • exhibit storylines, themes, and educational goals

  • content research and development

  • writing and editing exhibit text

  • collaborating on the design of large-scale exhibit experiences, hands-on interactives, and multimedia elements

As an instructional designer, I approach each project asking how we can create the best opportunities for learners to gain an understanding of the topic. The best designed learning is not constrained to the project's particular learning environment—whether it's an exhibit, online course, website, or in-person training—but helps learners develop knowledge that they can transfer into other aspects of their lives. I’ve created online coursework and web sites for universities and corporations on topics ranging from computer programming to financial literacy to medical education. 

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