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Teens Rising

My colleague Stacie Green and I are really excited to share the Teens Rising Together online modules we developed for GIRL RISING, a non-profit that advocates for the education of girls worldwide. Did you know that educating girls is one of the most effective way to end poverty?

Our goal with this project was to introduce students to the issues of girls' education and global poverty and then help connect them with other students around the world in this time where so many are feeling disconnected. All of the resources are free and can be easily assigned to middle school and high school students (and upper elementary good readers). The first module only takes an hour to complete and culminates with a Make a Meme project with the hashtag #Rising2EducateGirls. We also developed three in-depth projects for students who want to learn more and advocate for educational access for students worldwide.

The module was designed to be student-facing with limited facilitation from teachers, to help teachers overwhelmed during the pandemic. It's designed to be flexible enough to work for in-person learning, fully remote learning or any hybrid model in between. Educators from around the world are using this module with their students.

We're really proud of this project which from start to launch was only a month!

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